Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look at 5.

NOW there are 5 examples -
WYNN dealers are UNIONIZED = 5-13-07.

Steve Wynn may have done MORE for the Union Movement than anyone is recent memory.

There are 4 examples, I can think of, where Union Representation Helped UNION Workers.

A-1. Unions shut down the City Center Project because 9 people had died there,
and the owners were NOT enforcing Safety rules.
Would NOT let Fed or Union inspectors on the job.

A. When the Sands closed, the workers were given 2 weeks severance pay.
It is a FEDERAL LAW - the should have gotten 4 weeks. The UNION sued, and won for the 2 Extra weeks pay. But they ONLY sued. AND WON, for UNION Members.
Non-union members would have had to sue on their own, and for 2 weeks pay it was NOT worth it. So NON-Union workers got less than union workers.

B. When
Binion's closed - there was some Health Insurance that had NOT Been paid into.
The UNION Sued, and WON - to have that insurance paid.
But, again they ONLY paid for UNION MEMBERS. It wasn't worth it for Non-Union members to sue. So NON-Union workers got less than union workers.

C. When
A Teacher in the National Guard came back from Iraq, he was told, he would have to wait till the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR to be rehired.
He was a Member of the Teachers union - the UNION sued and he got his job back at once.

4. Stations END -
its matching contributions for its employees' 401(k) retirement plans.

5. When Anheuser-Busch cut 1,400 jobs
unionized workers
at the company's twelve North American breweries were not affected.


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